Introducing Siseko Mayinje - Anti-Poaching Pilot

Tue, 18 February 2020

Siseko Mayinje was born and raised in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa. Following a chance meeting and subsequently securing a private sponsorship, Siseko studied for a Diploma in Nature Conservation and has now qualified as a commercial fixed wing pilot, flying an anti-poaching patrol in the area he grew up in.

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Introducing Dr William Fowlds - Wildlife Vet and Rhino Hero

Thu, 13 February 2020

Hear Dr William Fowlds speak in London as he gives his personal testimony of the brutal reality of poaching from a hands-on perspective, as well as sharing the efforts to bring back rhino from the brink of death with his pioneering veterinary care. These emotional accounts have highlighted to the world the tragedy befalling rhino and other endangered species.

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2019 Poaching Stats

Mon, 03 February 2020

South Africa announce their official poaching stats for 2019 which show another decrease in the number of rhino killed by poachers. But do these numbers tell the whole story? There are still more questions than answers!

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New Rhino Rescue in 2020 - Meet Zimi

Thu, 23 January 2020

ZIMISELE, or Zimi for short, is a 6 month old white rhino who has been orphaned after the loss of her mother.

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From A Decade of Loss to a Decade of Hope

Thu, 02 January 2020

Helping Rhinos CEO, Simon Jones takes a look at what the last and next decades mean for the world's remaining rhino populations

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Why a Rhino Adoption makes a great gift

Mon, 23 December 2019

When you gift a rhino adoption, you are giving a friend or loved one a meaningful present that crucially helps protect these magnificent creatures.

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Double the Impact! Help us to keep ‘Eyes in the Sky’

Thu, 07 November 2019

One of the innovative ways of protecting rhinos is the use of aerial surveillance. Helping Rhinos has teamed up with ARCC (African Rhino Conservation Collaboration) to put ‘Eyes in the Sky’ and strengthen the anti-poaching effort in the Eastern Cape.

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South Africa Reclassify Wildlife as Farm Animals

Sat, 26 October 2019

In May 2019, the South African government approved an amendment to its Animal Improvement Act (AIA). The AIA is responsible for governing livestock breeding in South Africa and the amendment re-categorized several endangered and iconic animals as farming stock.

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Mon, 02 September 2019

The total population of rhino left on earth is fewer than 30,000. Three of the five rhino species in the world are listed as critically endangered, facing extinction and, if we don’t take action now, we could lose them forever. #PROTECTTHELASTRHINOS highlights four key focus ares: Protection Rhinos, Supporting Rangers, Protecting Habitat and Empowering Communities

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