Coronavirus and Rhinos

Mon, 22 June 2020

While the whole world feels the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, we explore the impact this will have on rhinos around the world

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The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Environment

Wed, 03 June 2020

The 5th June sees the world celebrate World Environment Day, but is there really a cause for celebration? For many years the plight of the environment and the slow but definite destruction of our planet has had much coverage in the international media, but has anything changed for the world or the rhino?

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Rhino Poaching Down But For How Long?

Thu, 28 May 2020

South Africa’s Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, Barbara Creecy has announced in a statement that the country has experienced a significant decline in rhino poaching since the COVID-19 related lockdown was imposed. But how Long will this good news Last?

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Tue, 14 April 2020

#BeMoreRhino is an interactive programme of activities for everyone to do at home to learn more about rhinos and rhino conservation.

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UK Band Crimson Medici Record Special Song for Rhino

Wed, 08 April 2020

UK Electro duo Crimson Medici release special recording of their song ‘Survivor’ with all proceeds donated to Helping Rhinos

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Mthetho's 1st Birthday

Thu, 02 April 2020

Last year Helping Rhinos reported the birth of Mthetho in the Kariega Game Reserve on South Africa’s Eastern Cape. The birth of Mthetho was all the more poignant given that he was the third calf of poaching survivor Thandi. Today we celebrate Mthetho’s 1st birthday.

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Spring Talk 2020 Postponed

Mon, 16 March 2020

The Helping Rhinos Spring Talk 2020 has been postponed until Thursday 23rd July due to the impact of the COIVID-19 global pandemic

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Meet Rhino Orphan 'Zimi'

Thu, 12 March 2020

Get to know rhino orphan Zimi, who was rescued and taken to the Zululand Rhino Orphanage where she will be cared for until she is big enough and strong enough to return to the wild.

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Introducing Lindy Sutherland

Mon, 24 February 2020

Lindy Sutherland took over directorship of The Kariega Foundation in 2017 out of a desire to contribute to the sustainable conservation of wildlife and the upliftment of local communities. Kariega Game Reserve is surrounded by impoverished African communities, but Lindy and the Reserve are changing all that. Lindy's commitment is a positive example of what can be achieved.

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One step closer to a future for the northern white rhino

Fri, 21 February 2020

In a bid to save a species, a team of conservationists, vets and scientists have undertaken egg harvesting from two female northern white rhino in a bid to ensure the future of the species. These two females are the last northern white rhino left on

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