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Thanks to your support, Helping Rhinos has been able to make significant impacts against our goal of protecting rhino in their natural habitat. Some of our major achievements are highlighted here.


Funds Raised: £75,000

The mobile vet unit is based at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya and assists with the timely treatment of wildlife, including the rhino and other endangered species.

The vehicle also allows the vet team to visit local communities to treat domestic animals, including carrying out regular rabies and distemper vaccinations. This increases the positive relationship between the communities and the Conservancy.

We were able to fund the purchase and fitting of the mobile vet unit thanks to the generosity of people who attended our 2018 Spring Talk in Westminster, everyone who bid on our auction and a grant received from the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust.

Mobile Vet Unit


Funds Raised: £17,000

Zululand Rhino orphanage is the only dedicated rhino rehabilitation centre in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. It became necessary in 2018 to upgrade and expand the facilities at the orphanage, these included, the building of a new black rhino camp and hippo dam.  An additional pole boma, upgrade with a security gate system, expansion of the security fence, building off roofs in all rhino feeding areas and an upgraded rhino ambulance.

We were able to fund the expansion and upgrade of the orphanage thanks to the generosity of our supporters who made one off donations, all of our rhino orphan adopters and grants received from the Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust and Marjorie Coote Animal Charity Trust.

Zululand RHino Orphanage

Northern White RHino Protection and Research

Funds Raised: £8,000

The northern white rhino is one of the most threatened animals in the world, with just two individuals survivng - two females names Najin and Fatu. Both reside at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya and Helping Rhinos have contributed to their protection, feed and veterinary care.

Groundbreaking research is being carried out by international scientists and conservationsts into an IVF procedure to create northern white embryos from eggs harvested from Najin and Fatu and frozen sperm from northern white males who have died in recent years.

We are able to fund the protection and research of the northern white rhinos thanks to the generosity of our supporters and everyone who has adopted a northern white rhino.

Zululand RHino Orphanage

Eyes in the sky

Funds Raised: £10,000

The 'Eyes in the Sky' project is part of our work with African Rhino Conservation Collaboration (ARCC), based in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

It is proven that an aerial presence is a strong deterrant to potential poachers. The 'Eyes in the Sky' plane will patrol key rhino habitats at different times of the day helping to reduce the risk of poaching.

We were able to fund the operational costs of this plane thanks to the generosity of the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust.

Mobile Vet Unit

Anti-poaching Units and Dog Patrols

Funds Raised: £27,000

Effective anti-poaching units (APU) are essential to reduce the number of poaching incidents where rhino still live in their natural habitat. Through ongoing fundraising campaigns Helping Rhinos have provided support for the Ol Pejeta Conservancy APU patrols, which include specially trained dog units.

Thanks to the effectiveness of the Ol Pejeta APU, no rhinos have been poached on the conservancy since the start of 2018.

We were able to help protect East Africa's largest black rhino population thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Mobile Vet Unit


Funds Raised: £22,000

The Black Mambas are South Africa’s first all female anti-poaching unit. Patrolling part of the Greater Kruger National Park, they play an important role in protecting the largest single population of rhino in the world, and the area worst hit by the poachers.

Every member of the Black Mamba team is recruited from the local communities, and the links back to the communities is an essential part of the work they carry out.

Funds raised by Helping Rhinos have helped to keep the Black Mambas operational by providing fuel for the vehicles, uniform, training, food and water, maintenance of pickets (field accommodation).

Black Mambas


Funds Raised: £3,500

Helping Rhinos was proud to sponsor four students on the inaugural Combating the Illegal Wildlife Trade course in Vietnam. The course has been put together by our Vietnam based partner WildAct, working alongside Vinh University.

As one of the largest destination markets for illegally trafficked rhino horn, Vietnam is a key country for education programmes, and we are very proud that one of the students funded by this Helping Rhinos grant has already secured a full time job in conservation.

Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade in Vietnam

Zululand Rhino Orphanage

Funds Raised: £6,000

In addition to funding the expansion of Zululand Rhino Orphanage, Helping Rhinos also funded operational costs at the orphanage.

These included: milk and medication, feed, security, veterinary costs and staff costs.

We were only able to provide these funds thanks to the generosity of our supporters who have donated to support the orphanage and to the many adopters of the rhino babies being cared for at the orphanage.

Zululand Rhino Orphanage

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