40 Collars for 40 Rhinos

Fund a Tracking Collar - Protect a Rhino


South Africa’s rhino are under siege again. As the Country’s travelling restrictions are eased, the hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, that kept poachers out of the National Parks and Game Reserves and made it impossible for them to traffic illegal rhino horn across international borders, has ceased, and poaching is once again on the rise

A staggering 50% increase in poaching incidents in the first six months of 2021, compared to the same period the last year, according to South Africa’s official figures, is truly alarming. South Africa is home to more than 80% of Africa’s rhino population. A resumption in poaching is unsustainable and we must act now to beat this evil menace.

Helping Rhinos applauds the collaborative international efforts with the law enforcement agencies in South Africa. There have been a number of successful confiscations and arrests, but it’s not enough. We must do more to support our Rangers on the ground and prevent poaching attacks taking place.

Radio Tracking Collars – A Lifeline for Rhinos

With eyes in the sky and radio tracking collars fitted to rhinos in our Reserves, this 'Rhino Strongholds -Protect' project will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our anti-poaching operations.

Helping Rhinos urgently needs to fit 40 radio tracking collars on 40 rhinos in eight different Reserves across the Eastern Cape in South Africa. This is crucial in helping the Rangers carry out their protection programmes. By identifying the location of collared rhino without the need to extensively patrol the whole of the Reserve, we save precious time and resource. A sample DNA from each rhino also allows individual identification at any time.

To collar a rhino requires a helicopter and pilot to trace the rhino and a wildlife vet and support team to drug the rhino, fix the collar around the rhino’s leg and take a DNA sample. The operation can be carried out in less than an hour and the rhino is completely unaffected by the procedure.

The cost to carry out each rhino collaring procedure is £975. 

Can you help us reach our target of £39,000 to fit all 40 radio tracking collars on all 40 rhinos?

Every rhino counts and we simply cannot leave their survival to chance. Radio tracking collaring is a proven deterrent against poaching and we can all play a part in keeping these rhinos safe. 

Any gift you can give is so gratefully received. When we work together we really do make a difference and we thank you for your support and generosity.

Please see below for your donation options:

to fund an entire rhino tracking collaring procedure

Your donation will cover the cost of:

  • The purchase of the rhino tracking collar
  • The fitting of the rhino tracking collar
  • The helicopter and pilot
  • The vet and his team
  • The drugs and DNA kit

In recognition of your support will provide you with:

  • A video of thanks from the vet after the collar has been fitted
  • Your chosen name placed onto the fitted rhino tracking collar
  • A certificate of support


DONATE Other Amounts
to support part of the rhino tracking collaring procedure

Your donation will help in the following ways:

Donate £250 to help fund a tracking collar.

Donate £250 to help fund the pilot and helicopter

Donate £175 to help fund the vet’s time

Donate £150 to help fund the drugs and DNA kit

Donate   £50 to help fund the support teams administer the sedation

Donate £ Your Own Amount to help fund the collaring procedures

“The trend in poaching back towards pre-COVID levels is very worrying as well as a comparitive surge in deaths on privately owned properties. This percentage has increased to 30% of reported poachings against 9% last year and 15% the year before. With an estimated 55% of SA’s rhino now under private custodianship, this shift requires urgent interventions.
The application of radio tracking collars is an essential tool in the anti-poaching armoury.”

Dr William Fowlds
Wildlife Veterinarian and Conservationist
Eastern Cape, South Africa

Your Support is vital to the safety of these rhinos

Your support to collar these 40 rhinos is absolutely critical to their protection and safety. Be a part of this ground-breaking initiative in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and join our 40 Collars for 40 Rhinos urgent appeal.

Your donations will help with the cost of the radio tracking collar procedure which covers the material cost of the collar, veterinary time & costs, health check, drugs, a DNA test. A small percentage of your donation is allocated for oversight & administration.

Thank you for your support.