The total population of rhino left on earth is fewer than 30,000. Three of the five rhino species in the world are listed as critically endangered, facing extinction and, if we don’t take action now, we could lose them forever.

#PROTECTTHELASTRHINOS highlights four key focus areas: Protection Rhinos, Supporting Rangers, Protecting Habitat and Empowering Communities

Eyes In The Sky

769 rhinos were poached in South Africa in 2018, a decline on the year before when 1,028 were killed and welcome news, but still too high. Even in Parks that have been afforded greater protection measures such as the Kruger National Park, more than 2,000 poacher incidents were recorded and 422 rhinos were lost. Poaching syndicates are indiscriminate and will exploit any opportunity to plunder Africa’s amazing wildlife. In the Eastern Cape, reserves are experiencing a dramatic increase in rhino poaching.

Rhino Recovery Fund

As many as one million pland and animal species are at risk of extinction.
The natural world needs us now!
Scientists tell us we are in the middle of the 'sixth mass extinction' where species of fauna and flora are being wiped out at a rate 100 times faster than when the dinosaurs became extinct. The difference between this mass extinction and the previous five is that it is completely driven by man!


#HelpARhino is an opportunity for us all to stand up for rhinos and to show that we care about their future. Together we can all get directly involved with helping to protect this iconic species.

Eyes on Rhinos

Helping Rhinos will from time to time run campaigns to help raise funds for our work in the field and to help raise awareness of what can be done to help protect rhinos for future generations.