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Student Activity Books Now Available

Helping Rhinos in the UK has recently released its education booklets for use in schools. There are three versions of the booklet available - One for Key Stage 1, one for Key Stage 2 and one for pre-school.

The booklets are designed to be a cross-curricular resource focused on the conservation of endangered species, with a focus on rhino. Students aged 5-12 years old would be well-matched to these activity booklets.

These booklets can be used to support topics within the curriculum such as endangered species, living things and Africa, plus many more.

For any questions or comments regarding these booklets or for any suggestions of additional material, please contact Jennifer Maddocks at jennifer@helpingrhinos.org.

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Download our special Colouring Rhinos sheets. Once you have coloured them in, take a Photo and share it with us on our social media pages using #HelpARhino 

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Students from the Burao Academy in Somalia using the Rhinocation booklets

Empowering Middle and High School Students to Reduce Demand for Rhino Horn

Helping Rhinos is embarking on a major outreach and student engagement campaign focused on Southern California and among communities that are primarily of Asian descent. The demand for rhino horn globally is largely from current and former residents of East Asian countries. It is likely that only China and Vietnam import and use more rhino horn than the United States!

Every few months, wildlife officers across California confiscated rhino horn that had been crafted into jewelry and other commodities, as well as parts of other endangered species, in three major international ports of entry. Regular events in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles highlight the existence of a black market for rhino horn in the United States — despite the strong legal stance we have taken against this horrific trade.

Asian import companies (and also smugglers) have a strong presence in California, as two of the nation’s largest ports are in the Los Angeles area alone. As indicated by these recent confiscations, the demand still exists in the U.S. for rhino horn.

Our student outreach campaign works with teachers and the children of relatively recent Asian immigrants to America to build awareness among students about rhino poaching and how they can counter that tragedy. We meet science and social studies standards with creative and engaging curricula to help teachers. The entire activity empowers students to help shift the perception of rhino horn among their communities.

In this way, students are agents of change to help reduce demand for rhino horn in the U.S. and East Asia through their family members and their communities.

Students Opportunity to Visit South African Wildlife Project

Helping Rhinos and volunteer travel company Worldwide Experience have joined forces to offer a unique education programme, Rhinocation, to schools in the UK.  The programme will encompass awareness raising, classroom modules, fundraising and the opportunity to travel to Africa on a two week placement to experience the endangered species covered in the programme in their natural habitat.

Rhinocation is born out of the partnership of two organisations sharing the common goal of making a difference for our future generations. Helping Rhinos have already helped pioneer several leading conservation and education initiatives to ensure the long-term survival of the rhino in their natural habitat. Worldwide Experience are specialists in conservation and community projects, where volunteers and student groups from across the globe are invited to make a real difference.

The Programme

The Rhinocation programme is for the whole school to get involved in! Students, and where possible family and friends of students, are encouraged to take part in fundraising activities that will support the awareness raising element of the Rhinocation programme. Helping Rhinos will provide assistance and ideas to support the school’s fundraising initiatives.

A key part of the Rhinocation programme is the opportunity for 18 students to visit South Africa on a two week volunteer project to experience the wildlife they have been studying in their natural habitat. Students from a relevant field of study are invited to apply for this Eco School Challenge study tour. The trip will include a one week stay at a large and reputable rhino orphanage in the Kruger National Park area where students will be shown how to care for and rehabilitate sick and orphaned animals, including the rhino. Week two of the trip will be at the Big 5 Makalali Game Reserve where students will have the opportunity to take part in the monitoring and research of the reserve’s “Big Five” and other wildlife species.

Rhinocation aims to provide schools with a programme that is focussed on the threats facing Africa’s endangered wildlife, and in particular the rhinoceros.  The Rhinocation team will provide students with face to face awareness sessions that are interactive and encourage students to identify potential solutions to the rhino poaching crisis. It will include the roll out of ‘Rhino Art’ and will also give the students the opportunity to take part in the ‘Walk for Wildlife’.

Feeding Rhino Orphan

Throughout the Rhinocation programme, there will be presentations and talks, as well as a few fun awareness and fundraising activities, for all to be involved in, including the Rhino Art Project and a Walk for Wildlife!  Students will be encouraged to carry out fundraising activities throughout the programme for the rhino orphanage and game reserve research project to support their vital work.

Rhinocation is proudly supported by the Mantis Collection’s Draycott Hotel who will donate a prize towards the fundraising efforts of the school. The Draycott Hotel by Mantis is a 5 star boutique hotel located in the heart of Chelsea. As a proud member of the Mantis Collection, a family-run group of award winning luxury properties situated across all seven continents, the Draycott is committed to the same spirit of conservation and restoration as all other properties. The Draycott Hotel invites guests to help support the preservation of the Rhino in an educational and fundraising initiative in aid of conservation initiatives.   

The two week Eco School Challenge study tour will cost £3,200* per student (based on 18 students and two educators attending). Included in the cost is the return flights from London to South Africa, all road transfers, all activities as per itinerary and three meals per day.

Field Trip

The Eco School Challenge is a school trip abroad out of the ordinary!

  • Education through experience is the heart of the Eco School philosophy, and our Africa challenges offer the experiences of a lifetime.
  • We arrange Africa challenges and educational expeditions for groups of young adventurers from colleges and schools.
  • A trip abroad in the developing world will stretch comfort zones, teach life skills, and expand minds outside the classroom.
  • Our Eco School Challenge is designed around the specific needs and requirements of the group… we provide tailor-made Africa challenges to suit the needs and ambitions of your group.
  • The aim of each school trip abroad is to promote a sense of adventure, leadership, responsibility and international understanding, preparing young people to meet challenges of the future with confidence and compassion.

The two week Eco School Challenge study tour will cost £3,200* per student (based on 18 students and two educators attending). Included in the cost is the return flights from London to South Africa, as well as all road transfers, all activities as per itinerary and three meals per day.




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