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Adopt a Northern White Rhino - Thandi and Family

Thandi and Family

Through no fault of her own, Thandi, meaning love, has become one of the most well known rhino in the world. On 2nd March 2012 at Kariega Game Reserve, located in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, the reserve was targeted by rhino poachers. One bull did not survive the night, while Themba, another bull survived for 24 days before succumbing to his injuries. But Thandi, the only cow attacked that night, did survive. Her recovery, although long and at many times undoubtedly painful, was nothing short of a miracle.

Having survived the horrors of that night, thanks to the care and attention from the vets and ranger team at Kariega and of course, Thandi’s incredible fight for survival, she slowly learnt to be a ‘normal rhino’ once again. Unfortunately Thandi's front horn will never grow back, making her face all the more distinctive, but her new look does not seem to hamper her in her day to day life.

Even more incredibly, Thandi has since had three calves, Thembi, Colin and Mthetho (born in April 2019).