Wildlife conservation
and Habitat Protection

Safeguarding wild landscapes and protecting iconic wildlife species has never been more difficult. The planet’s natural resources are being plundered at an alarming rate and fragile ecosystems are disintegrating. Human encroachment and incompatible land use is having an increasingly devastating effect on wildlife habitats. Poaching of iconic wildlife species and the wanton destruction of wild flora for profit is so great that we fear some landscapes and wildlife species may never recover from the onslaught.

If biodiversity is not conserved, we risk losing critical habitat for wildlife.

Population growth in Africa is increasing human wildlife conflict and threatening wildlife habitat.

The consequence of losing wildlife terrain will have a profound impact on the future for large mammals and predators.

Every designated Wildlife Conservation Site will offer a future for rhino, elephant, lion and other endangered wildlife species.  Help us protect sustainable environments for endangered wildlife in perpetuity.

Image designed by Hazel Wilks and used under license by Helping Rhinos. 

Essential to maintaining populations of rhinos and other key wildlife species are protected and well managed wild landscapes. Helping Rhinos is teaming up with other NGOs and landowners and investing in specially selected Wildlife Conservation Sites across Africa. The specific remit and purpose is to protect the unspoilt natural habitat and indigenous wildlife areas renowned for their natural beauty and to safeguard them for future generations. Through partnership, the natural environment of each site will be held sacrosanct for wildlife, protected in perpetuity. Helping Rhinos will ensure each Wildlife Conservation Site is:

  • An environment mandated for wildlife conservation only
  • An area that maximises opportunities for population growth of endangered wildlife species
  • An operation that actively engages its local community in protecting, preserving and promoting the uniqueness of each Site.

How you will be helping

Your donation in support of Wildlife Conservation Sites will allow us to:

  • Safeguard the habitat of rhino and other endangered species
  • Protect wild landscapes from human encroachment
  • Conserve the biodiversity of key wildlife species
  • Work with surrounding communities to minimise human - wildlife conflict
  • Maintain the ecological and environmental balance of the special sites

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Essential food and medication for a rhino orphan



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Community programmes that improve livelihoods



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 Training of anti-poaching teams and tracking dogs


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