Kariega Foundation

Kariega Foundation is the conservation arm of the Kariega Game Reserve, home to the world famous poaching survivor Thandi. Thandi was one of three rhinos poached in March 2012 and the only survivor. Since that horrific night Thandi has made a miraculous recovery and has gone on to have four calves.

The purpose of the Kariega Foundation is to enhance the well-being of local communities through enterprise development, education and youth development; and to be united in its efforts to protect and conserve the natural heritage of the Eastern Cape, particularly the Kariega wilderness.

The Foundation delivers education programmes to the local villages, including school lectures and activities enjoyed by the whole community. It also supports wildlife protection activities such as anti-poaching operations, including ranger units and dog patrols.

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Each of the collaborative community projects run and supported by the Kariega Foundation are planned and implemented in the following way to ensure a legacy of sustainability, accountability, empowerment and community pride:

  • Community members initiate projects and offer their skills and resources. These usually include abilities, enthusiasm, leadership, planning, strategic thinking, problem solving and other physical resources.
  • The Kariega Foundation contributes resources necessary to support and facilitate the projects. These usually include financial support, employment opportunities, upgrading facilities, up-skilling, mentoring and building human capacities.
  • The benefactors of the project, often children and their parents, have the opportunity to earn additional and desired resources through clearly defined and organized community service projects. Each hour spent executing the project earns a Kulu Coin - a virtual currency created by our community partner the Kariega Project. The Kulu Coins accumulate and are converted into funds that are paid to the community on completion of the project. Community members are empowered to use their skills to support each other, earn community resources, create self-pride and ignite their spirit of Ubuntu.
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Working in Partnership

Helping Rhinos is running the exclusive adoption programme for Thandi and her family, including her youngest calf, Siya who was born in January 2021. Funds raised through the adoption programme will be used to support the community projects and the work of the Kariega anti-poaching unit.

In addition, Helping Rhinos will support the Kariega Foundation with the production of education materials for use in outreach programmes being run in the communities surrounding Kariega.

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