We are often asked about volunteer opportunities that can help with rhino conservation. We do not offer direct field volunteer opportunities, but have participated in a number of projects in the past, so have placed links to the projects we rated on this page.

If you have participated in a field project, and were impressed with the project coordination, your work and feel that you made a real difference to the project then please send us an e-mail via our contacts page to share your experience.

In addition, we have occasional volunteer opportunities in the UK to help out at some of our events.

Helping Rhinos

From time to time we have opportunities to volunteer at some of our awareness raising and / or fundraising events in the UK. These tend to be located in the South of England, but are not exclusively so. If you are interested in volunteering at our events please send aa message via our Contact Us page

Worldwide Experience

Worldwide Experience specialise in wildlife conservation and offer every generation the opportunity to get involved and volunteer on some of the most incredible projects around the world. We booked a 6 week volunteer experience at Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa in 2010 and the experience was fantastic.

Not only are you guaranteed a great service from WWE, but if you mention that Helping Rhinos sent you WWE will make a contribution to Helping Rhinos to help us with our conservation work. Click here for more information on our work with Worldwide Experience


Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya is East Africa’s largest black rhino sanctuaries. There are number of opportunities to volunteer at Ol Pejeta in the areas where your contribution is needed most and will make a real difference.


Kariega Game Reserve

We spent 6 weeks on the volunteer project at Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. While not rhino specific, Kariega have a number of rhinos on their reserve and your time there will make a difference to protecting a safe and natural habitat for their wildlife.


nkonzo wildlife research

Nkonzo is a wildlife conservation company that focuses on ethics, real world application, noninvasive research in the name of protection, and education of new conservationists.

Nkonzo conducts in house research on private reserves in the Western Cape, South Africa; collaborates with other research and conservation organizations and consults with private land owners for sustainable free-roaming wildlife.

Nkonzo has specific goals that drive their daily operations. They have committed to protecting tomorrow’s wildlife and let our passion push us forward.

  • To facilitate ethical and non-invasive behavioural research on free roaming wildlife that encourages sustainable wildlife management.
  • To support the sustainability and continuation of free-roaming wildlife in Southern Africa through non-invasive, ethical wildlife research and conservation.
  • The elimination of inhumane research practices and moving the focus from research for the sake of research to research for the protection of the species.
  • The cultivation of respect for free-roaming wildlife and their natural behaviours in visiting their home(s).
  • To only support, partner, or endorse companies, organizations, and institutions that operate ethically and meet our ideals and ethical requirements.

Visit Nkonso Wildlife Research Website