Introducing Drum

Friday 28 August 2020

Introducing Drum:

The newest addition to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy APU Dog Unit

Two-year-old Springer Spaniel Drum was only eight weeks old when he was selected by Animals Saving Animals to commence training as an Arms/Ammunition detection dog with the aim of him joining Ol Pejeta’s K9 unit.

In March 2019, after completing his training with Animals Saving Animals, Drum was deployed to his new handler Anti Poaching officer John Tekeles at Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

With poaching evolving all the time, those protecting rhino and wildlife must do the same. Drum brings with him a unique set of skills, enhancing the already successful Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) Dog Unit at Ol Pejeta.  

Springer Spaniels are natural hunters and it is this drive to hunt that makes them exceptional search dogs. They love finding things and will happily do so for long periods of time until they find what they are looking for. This love of searching makes the breed a perfect one for detecting weapons both hidden within the conservancy or being brought in via a vehicle. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, or how monotonous the task; a trained Springer Spaniel like Drum will get the job done. Plus Springer Spaniels are also a very compact breed making it easy for them to fit into small places such as the boot of a car or under a vehicle.

With the guidance of his handler John, Drum has proved to be a valuable asset to the K9 team, complementing the roles of the other dogs as they together form a tightknit pack to protect the rhinos on Ol Pejeta Conservancy. From the very beginning he was a natural working dog, with a level of intelligence and curiosity that motivates him to discover new and exciting things. When he was still in training, he even escaped his own kennel to assist an older dog in a search, that’s how much he loves it!

You can adopt new boy Drum and stay informed as he settles into the pack (we’ll send you regular updates on his progress). And don’t forget to take a look at our Adopt a Dog page to find out more about the whole pack and how you can help.