Thursday 22 October 2020


They’re ready to be released - can you help them?

In the next few weeks two of our precious rhino orphans, Makhosi and Mpilo, will be released to a life back in the wild, where they belong. It’s great news of course and we are confident that their translocation to a secret location and their readjustment to their new surroundings will go without a hitch. Their care and development has been exemplary - it’s time to send them on their way.

As part of our Rewilding Rhinos Appeal, Helping Rhinos urgently needs to raise the funds for this part of their journey, their relocation and release. They need to be collared and dehorned to give them the very best chance of survival against poachers and, for the first twelve to eighteen months of their release it’s important they are regularly monitored and fed supplements to ensure they thrive in the wild. 

Every gift you can give will help us fund the darting, dehorning and relocation costs. Your donation today will allow us to regularly monitor their progress and provide supplementary feed food when necessary to ensure they maintain a healthy body condition, and that they are safe and protected. For example:



can help pay for

supplementary food for the first months of their release



can help pay for

veterinary darting, dehorning and collaring costs



can help pay for

vehicle and telemetry monitoring costs


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Every rhino counts and Makhosi and Mpilo are no exception. How did they come to the Orphanage?


was a newborn female white rhino calf who was rescued when rangers noticed she was unable to suckle from her mother and that without human intervention she would not survive if left in the wild.  The Zulu Royal family witnessed the team busy setting up drips to stabilise her condition in the back of their vet vehicle, in a garage on route to the Orphanage. They named and blessed Makhosi, meaning leader or royalty in the Zulu language.


was rescued in April 2018 after his mum had been poached. He was found standing next to his dead mum's body in desperate need of food and water. The vet and rescue team got to work and after carrying out initial health checks, Mpilo was taken to specialist facilities at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. Understandably disorientated, Mpilo was regularly heard calling for his mum. Thanks to dedicated carers at the orphanage, he soon settled down and began to take on the much-needed food and water. 

"The reason why we need rhino orphanages is because of very negative situations where a baby has lost their mum.  But days like this make all the hard work and tears worthwhile.

To be able to release them back to where they belong, and to end on such a high note is the reason why we wake up every morning and do what we do."

Megan Lategan
Zululand Rhino Orphanage

Makhosi formed an almost inseparable bond with Mpilo and were always seen together in the Orphanage. Mpilo is about a year younger than Makhosi and this male/female bond is good news for their future release together and the potential reproductive possibilities. Although at three years old Makhosi was old enough to be released back into the wild, the decision was made to wait until Mpilo, a year younger, was also old enough. Rhinos suffer from stress very easily and to break the bond Makhosi and Mpilo have would be an unnecessary risk to both their lives. Mpilo is now the right age and the time for their release is nigh.

Helping Rhinos would welcome your support and be so grateful for any donation you may be able to make to this release project. During these difficult times, every rhino that we can successfully release and protect in the wild will make a huge difference to the future survival of the species. It is that important and these two amazing orphans, after such a traumatic start in life, deserve the very best chance we can afford them. 

You can help provide for their ongoing care by adopting Makhosi and Mpilo. As an adopter you will receive regular updates on their progress as they adapt to life as a truly wild rhino.


Thank you 

Makhosi at just a few days old

Makhosi bonding with hippo orphan Charlie

Makhosi at a few months old - getting stronger!

Makhosi and Charlie - haven't they grown!

Makhosi (L) and Mpilo (R) formed a strong bond

Makhosi (R) and Mpilo (L) ready for release