Simon Jones

Simon Jones

Founder and CEO

Simon is a passionate and dedicated conservationist with over a decade of experience in wildlife conservation. 

His experience and expertise working at the heart of rhino conservation, allied with over two decades of senior management in a leading multinational financial institution make him perfectly placed to lead the Helping Rhinos organisation. 

Under Simon’s leadership, Helping Rhinos have raised circa £3m that has enabled them to provide protection to over 1,000 rhinos and 250,000 hectares of wild spaces, worked in partnership with some of the world’s leading rhino conservationists and set up registered offices in the UK, USA and Europe (Netherlands). 

Simon’s strategic vision for Helping Rhinos is to raise the funds needed to help protect the global population of rhino and to create protected ecosystems which are rich in biodiversity while at the same time inspiring local communities to become proactively involved in wildlife conservation.

Simon founded Helping Rhinos in the UK in March 2012 after hearing of the devastating poaching attack on three rhinos at the Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Kariega was a place close to Simon’s heart having spent 6 weeks there supporting their conservation work in 2010. At the time of the poaching Simon was on a sabbatical from his 24 year career at American Express, working in big cat conservation. The Kariega poaching left Simon feeling that he needed to act now to do all he could to protect his beloved rhino.