Will you help
protect the last rhinos on Earth?

95% of black rhino have been lost in the
last 60 years.

More than 1000 Rangers have been
killed by poaching gangs.

Just TWO northern white rhino
survive on the planet.

The last rhinos on the planet need your help this World Rhino Day.

Please support our work to protect them and keep them safe.

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The last male northern white rhino died in March 2018, leaving the species on the brink of extinction.
We must never let his tragic demise be repeated.

We must act now before it is too late

The total population of rhino left on earth is fewer than 30,000. Three of the five rhino species in the world are listed as critically endangered, facing extinction and, if we don’t take action now, we could lose them forever.

The ruthless pursuit by criminal networks for the high financial gains associated with the illegal trade in rhino horn is contributing to a catastrophic decline in rhino populations. In Africa, two rhinos are still being lost every day at the hands of poachers. The loss results, not just in the collapse of rhino populations, but as a keystone species and one of the environment’s resident eco-gardeners, other fauna and flora suffer too.

At Helping Rhinos we believe the only way to protect the rhino and successfully manage the natural environment in which the rhino thrives, is through partnership; sharing with local communities the commercial opportunity and economic benefits that can be derived in maintaining a sustainable natural habitat for wildlife. By helping local communities to prosper and benefit from wildlife conservation, we can build a human protective infrastructure for rhino, instil a sense of ownership and pride in a community’s natural heritage - a precious ecosystem to pass on to future generations forever, for everyone.

Helping Rhinos is Aiming High

By donating to Helping Rhinos you will be contributing to the future of a planet that includes rhino, a species that has walked this earth for millions of years. If we can save this iconic mammal, then we know there is hope for the countless species that share the same wild environment as well.

"Climate change, loss of habitat, illegal wildlife crime threatens the very existence of rhino in the wild. We cannot simply cross our fingers in hope and leave their fate to others, we must act together if we are to ensure their future".

Simon Jones
Founder and CEO of Helping Rhinos.

With your support, HELPING RHINOS CAN:


We want to ensure critical wild populations of rhino in Africa are monitored and protected, through a combination of technological insight, aerial reconnaissance or boots on the ground.


Our rangers must be ‘ahead of the game’, equipped and trained to the highest standard. Communication technology and canine support will to give them every advantage, supremacy in the field.


Helping Rhinos is determined to secure wildlife habitat essential for rhino population growth and, by implementing innovative management policies we want to ensure that, in the face of unprecedented human population growth, rhino and other wildlife that co-exist in the same environment can thrive.


It is essential we provide tangible benefits and employment opportunities for community members. Offering meaningful incentives to local people to protect their wildlife heritage will help to alleviate poverty and eliminate poaching.

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aerial reconnaissance to protect and monitor wildlife habitats


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