Helping Rhinos is determined to secure wildlife habitat essential for rhino population growth and, by implementing innovative management policies we want to ensure that, in the face of unprecedented human population growth, rhino and other wildlife that co-exist in the same environment can thrive.

Critical Facts

Human’s actions are having a devastating impact on the Earth’s ecosystems and habitats. A compelling UN report has revealed that one million plant and animal species are now at risk of extinction. This poses a serious threat to ecosystems that people all over the world depend on for their livelihood and survival.

Unprecedented human population growth across Africa is threatening wildlife habitats.

Environmental issues such as climate change is threatening wildlife habitats.

In both Africa and Asia the natural habitat of the rhino is being eroded as more and more land is claimed for human settlements and farmland. 

Human encroachment is resulting in human-wildlife conflict and ever decreasing habitat for wildlife. If the carrying capacity for wildlife reaches its limit in these diminished wild spaces, wildlife will struggle to survive.

Protected and well-managed wild landscapes are essential to maintaining populations of rhinos and other key wildlife species.

Rhino Habitat

What we have achieved so far

Some of the ways in which we are working to ensure a healthy ecosystem include: 

  • Looking at ways in which we can manage the natural habitats and ecosystems in which rhino are found alongside the needs of the humans who live nearby.
  • Supporting the protection of more than 25,000 square kilometres of key rhino habitat by teaming up with other NGOs and landowners and investing in specially selected Wildlife Conservation sites across Africa.
  • Identifying innovative approaches to how humans and wildlife can co-exist without competing for resources.  The Ol Pejeta model of running a livestock business within the conservancy - that is herding cattle alongside wildlife and eco-tourism is a perfect example of what can be achieved.
  • Additionally by applying such innovative models, the livelihood of those in the communities alongside the wild habitats is improved.

How your gift will allow us to create and maintain sustainable wildlife habitats

We will work with our projects in the field to identify and implement effective land management techniques for the benefit of both wildlife and humans.  

We will seek to create fenceless borders allowing the opening of natural migratory routes.

We will ensure that a healthy ecological and environmental balance is maintained on critical rhino habitats.

We will work with local communities to minimise human - wildlife conflict situations.

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