Adopt an APU Dog


Diego is Ol Pejeta's prime attack dog. 

He was born in August 2013 and arrived at Ol Pejeta at just 1 month old! Diego is the longest serving member of the Ol Pejeta anti-poaching dog unit

Diego likes nothing more than a good groom from is handler – and of course, to get his teeth stuck into a training sleeve or suite worn by one of the APU do patrol handlers.


Otis was born in November 2016, and came to Ol Pejeta on the 1st January, 2017 from the Masia Mara.

Otis is a Bloodhound and used as a tracker dog, meaning he follows the scent of poachers.

Since arriving at Ol Pejeta, Otis has a strong record of recovery and arrests made. He can run for miles and loves playing with his keepers.


Scarf was born in October 2016 and arrived at Ol Pejeta on the 8th December 2016.

Scarf is a Bloodhound and is extremely physically fit, which is essential as a tracker dog responsible for tracking the scent of poachers, sometimes for many miles.

Scarf's favourite treats are sausages, as well as playing with her keepers.


Drum is Ol Pejeta's detection dog. As a Springer Spaniel is the perfect breed to carry this job.

He was born in June 2018. Drum was chosen for his role at Ol Pejeta at just 8 weeks old, and after completing his training with Animals Saving Animals in the UK, he moved to his new home in Kenya in March 2019.

Drum is curious and very intelligent, even escaping his own kennel to assist an older dog, when he was still in training!