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Population growth in Africa is threatening wildlife habitat and increasing human wildlife conflict.

The consequence of losing wildlife habitat will have a profound impact on the future for large mammals and predators.

Help us create eternally sustainable environments for endangered wildlife by investing in our special Wildlife Conservation Sites.  Every hectare that you help us secure is creating a future for rhino, elephant, lion and other endangered wildlife species.  


Helping Rhinos has created the perfect currency - Wildlife PiPs.  1 PiP costs £10 - 20 PiPs secures 1 hectare of land for wildlife, forever.


What are Wildlife PiPs?

Through the purchase of Wildlife PiPs, Helping Rhinos will fund the implementation and first years land management plans of your nominated Wildlife Conservation Site. When Wildlife PiPs purchased reaches the value of the number of hectares at the given site, Wildlife PiPS will be invested to provide a sustainable income to execute the land management plan in perpetuity.

A certificate of purchase of PiPs will be issued to you to confirm the Wildlife Conservation Site you nominate for support from our list of designated Wildlife Conservation Sites


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Buy Wildlife PiPs