Sara Wilson

Sara Wilson


"I adopted my first Sumatran Rhino simply because I had never seen anything that cute!

I then branched over to Nandi and Storm, now at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. After pondering about what in the world I could give my clients for Christmas, I came up with the thought that a baby rhino under the Christmas tree would be a special thing. Thats how I came in contact with Helping Rhinos, and branched out to adopt sixt 6 baby rhinos.

One morning I woke up in Los Angeles, to see that the rhino orphanage Nandi and Storm were at, had been attacked by poachers.  Impy and Gugu had been slaughtered for their tiny baby horns. This literally broke my heart and certainly changed me. 

As a international fashion photographer, I started my @fashionsaysno instagram campaign. It was amazing to see how many of the models that I shot were very interested in using some of their followers and influence to spread awareness to a new audience.

It’s a long fight ahead, but we can all pull together…..besides, when a woman wants something…there is very little that can stop her.”