New Orphan Arrival

Sunday 02 April 2023

New Orphan Arrival

In April 2023 Helping Rhinos Founder and CEO was joined by renowned actor and animal activist Peter Egan to visit some of our projects in the field. This visit included the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. Tragically, within hours of Simon and Peter's arrival we received a phone call to say that a newly orphaned rhino calf had been rescued and was on his way to the orphanage. 

Shortly afterwards a two week old little male rhino arrived in a crate and was carefully offloaded into the rhino Intensive Care Unit. The team sprung into action and the tiny little baby took his first milk bottle very calmly and within a couple of hours. It is just the start of an intensive period for this little rhino. He is going to need the dedicated care and support of the whole team if he is to make it through the next few days, weeks and months. This is the most critical time for any rhino orphan and he will receive round the clock care until we are confident he is strong enough to be introduced the other rhinos at the orphanage. 

In honour of Peter's presence at the arrival of this calf, he was given the honour of naming him. Peter felt it was right that the orphanage manager, and the calf's main carer, Simoné should choose the name. Between them, the name they have chosen is Kulula (or Lula Boy for short), which means 'Easy' in the local Zulu language. The name was chosen as Lula was very easy for the team to settle into his new surroundings. 

Your support will help us to make sure that Lula Boy has all the medication and milk that he needs. Please donate to help this vulnerable little baby - THANK YOU