Rhinos Under Attack - Help Us Defend Them

Friday 30 June 2023


In early 2023, devastating news has emerged from South Africa – the heart-breaking discovery of three rhino carcasses, a mother and her two calves, the youngest just months old, poached and slaughtered for their horn. Aided by our Eyes In the Sky pilot, the ground team found the carcasses, with their faces senselessly hacked off at the Lalibela Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape province.

Rhino Poaching continues at an alarming rate in South Africa, home to 72% of the world’s rhinos. The country bears the brunt of criminal syndicates hell-bent on capitalising on the black-market value of rhino horn in the far east. Shockingly, on average one rhino is killed every day!

In the last 10 years close to 10,000 rhino have been lost to poaching, this is unsustainable. Without increased protection we are pushing them ever closer towards extinction.

We are once again seeing distressing images of rhinos lying dead with their faces hacked off. We are seeing rescues of traumatised baby rhinos; orphaned after the brutal murder of their mum. It’s heart breaking. 

Please help us fight this indiscriminate slaughter.


Three peaceful years for rhino in the Eastern Cape have been shattered by a succession of brutal killings across the province over the past few months in what has now surpassed all previous rates of slaughter. 

The haunting experiences of years gone by, of mutilated bodies and rotting carcasses are once again a reality. The senseless loss of life in current and future generations is most vividly portrayed in the bodies of an infant calf and those unborn fetus’s who will never enjoy their rightful place in the sun. 

This is a disgraceful crime and we are appealing to the good side of humanity to help support those on the frontline who constantly need to adapt and evolve in order to counter these rising levels of organized crimes against the environment. With the support of many, this part of Africa has succeeded in the past to bring this scourge under control, and we reach out once again for your assistance. 

Dr William Fowlds
Wildlife Veterinarian

We need your help

With your support we can:

  • Fund the amazingly dedicated men and women who put their lives at risk every day to protect the world’s critically endangered rhino populations
  • Keep ‘Eyes in the Sky’ for longer, to patrol from the air and monitor rhino regions, a proven deterrent against illicit poaching activity 
  • Deploy emergency veterinary support to rescue rhino orphans and carry out life-saving procedures in the field

Helping Rhinos has achieved great success over the last decade, but this recent escalation in poaching activity is a stark reminder there is still much work to be done. 

Together we can protect more rhino.

Please donate to help us keep rhinos protected in this most desperate and exceptional of times. They are counting on you. 

Thank you for your continued support.


The Eastern Cape is a beautiful place where I've watched zebra grazing, elephants playing, and perhaps best of all, rhinos snoozing in the late afternoon sun. This part of South Africa is a final stronghold for rhinos, and I am very concerned about the rise of poaching in the area.

I was stood, only last year, where the latest victims were killed for their horns. This isn't an issue in a far away land, this is happening right around the corner and it will ultimately impact us all. Please help these gentle giants by helping the people on the ground through this appeal. Your support could change a rhino's fate. Thank you.

Megan McCubbin
Conservationist and TV Presenter



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