Eyes In the Sky Drone Technology

Thursday 13 October 2022

Eyes in the Sky Expansion

Helping Rhinos is proud to provide an 'Eyes in the Sky' programme in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in partnership with the African Rhino Conservation Collaboration (ARCC). The programme includes the fixed wing aircraft piloted by Siseko Mayinje, a member of the local community who combines his two passions flying and wildlife conservation.

We are thrilled that this programme is now expanding with the introduction of a state of the art drone. 

The deployment of the DJI M30T drone is a formidable boost to our Eyes in the Sky capacity in the Eastern Cape. The first unit, was co-funded by Helping Rhinos for use by pilot Siseko and adds a broader range of capacity to Siseko’s patrolling and first response abilities. This additional layer of surveillance not only helps wildlife but also represents a significant step forward in the career path of Siseko to include drone pilot qualifications and experience.


“As an extension to the fixed-wing light aircraft already funded by Helping Rhinos, this drone gives me further abilities to fly safely at night, in rainy conditions and high winds.  It has the capacity to add a considerable boost to video recording and real-time remote transmission of situational information directly to operational controllers and teams on the ground which has far-reaching implications for rhino protection.”

Siseko Mayinje
Eyes in the Sky Pilot