Megan McCubbin Announced as Helping Rhinos Patron

Tuesday 08 February 2022
Television Presenter Megan McCubbin grew to love rhinos from a very early age

Megan McCubbin, conservationist and wildlife presenter, has become a new Patron of Helping Rhinos.

A passionate zoologist and conservationist, Megan is known for her work as a presenter with the BBC’s Spring, Autumn and Winter Watch, but her love for Africa and its wildlife, in particular rhinos, started from a very young age. Megan spent much of her childhood growing up in Africa, something she believes instilled the passion she feels today for the continent, it's wildlife and its people. 

Her early interest was sparked initially through reading about the plight of rhinos, learning about their biodiversity and how they impact on their surrounding habitat. But the pivotal point for Megan was her first ever sighting of a rhino. The discovery of a fresh heap of rhino dung, the sight of a rhino footprint and the inevitable searching through the bush all lead to that magic moment when five-year-old Megan came face to face with a rhino. That moment has stayed with her forever as she explains:

“Sometimes there are encounters with wildlife that will always stick in your mind and for me this was one of those because that rhino looked up and looked me in the eye. It probably was looking at everyone in the car, but for me as a five-year-old girl that moment was pretty important. I think about that moment often and realise how much of an inspiration it was in making me the zoologist that I am today.”

It was this moment of connection with a wild rhino and many others since, that drove Megan’s passion, her desire to share the wonders of the natural world and to do everything she can to protect it. With a particular interest in animal behaviour, evolution and the illegal wildlife trade, Megan has travelled extensively to often remote areas in search of incredible and endangered wildlife. 

Megan is driven to do all she can to protect the natural world, both within the UK and worldwide, and is thrilled to be part of Helping Rhinos and its efforts to protect the rhino, the land it needs to survive and the local people who have such an important part to play in creating a successful future for rhino and all wildlife.


“I am honoured to be the new Patron for Helping Rhinos, an organisation which goes above and beyond to conserve these important, charismatic animals. It’s about being proactive trying to protect those rhino populations in the wild which is incredibly, incredibly important that we do so.

We clearly have a long way to go but together, we can make a difference which is why I can't wait to get stuck in to help the communities on the ground protect rhinos in their natural habitat.” 

Megan McCubbin
Conservationist and television presenter

“I am delighted to welcome Megan to our team of Patrons. Megan's passion and compassion for the natural world is both inspiring and motivating. To hear her talk about her experience of travelling through Africa as a child and to see her excitement as she recalls seeing her first wild rhino is truly infectious.

I am looking forward to working with Megan as we continue to protect our wildlife, sustain the wild spaces they need to survive and inspire the local people to be a part of conservation.

Simon Jones
CEO, Helping Rhinos