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Rhinos have no natural predators, but face a daily battle to survive.
  • More rhinos are now being killed than are being born
  • More than 1,000 rhinos are killed by poachers EVERY year
  • The northern white rhino is all but extinct
  • The black rhino is critically endangered

The ruthless pursuit by criminal networks and corrupt officials for the high financial gains associated with the illegal trade in rhino horn is contributing to the catastrophic decline in global rhino populations.

Is it a hopeless situation? No!
With your help we can protect them. With your help we can stop the poachers.

Rhinos have notoriously poor eyesight and without our Wildlife Rangers watching over them the rhino's survival on our planet is in peril.

Ranger patrols need additional resource and equipment to give them greater sight to stop the poacher’s illegal activity.

Please DONATE TODAY to help us purchase…

Eyes wide open
Night Eyes

Eye in the sky

Eye of the lens

Eyes, nose & ears
Inside Eye

Field binoculars for long range detection
Flashlights, night-vision and thermal imaging binoculars and telescopes
Support for helicopter patrols and remote controlled camera drones
Camera traps to monitor wildlife movements
Support for anti-poaching dog patrols
Support for investigative research to help arrest and convict poachers



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