Welcome to the Helping Rhinos Cycling Page

Do you love the outdoors? Do you love the freedom of cycling? Would you like to help us ensure the wild rhinos have a future in their natural habitat?

At Helping Rhinos we believe that cycling can play a big role in saving these iconic species from extinction.  By giving you the FREEDOM TO ROAM on your bike, you could help give rhinos the FREEDOM TO ROAM, without having to suffer the threat of poaching. 

Below are links to a number of cycling events we are proud to be partnered with this year.  It would be great if you, our valued supporters, could help us by riding in one of our specially designed cycling jerseys (link below) thus helping to raise awareness and spread the word to as many people as possible.

Cycling Partners
Phil Liggett MBE

Phil Liggett MBE and Patron of Helping Rhinos

A Message from Phil Liggett MBE, the legendary ‘Voice of Cycling’ and Patron of Helping Rhinos

“Participation in cycling has increased immeasurably over the past 5-10 years, cycling clearly has a healthy future. Sadly the numbers of wild rhinoceros has dramatically decreased over the same short period. Their future is anything but assured.

Greed, coupled with the horrific, brutal manner in which these iconic animals are poached, is the cause. As a Patron of Helping Rhinos, with a passion for both wildlife and cycling, both of which require a safe environment to prosper, we feel strongly that through cycling we have a wonderful opportunity to save the species from extinction.

Please help us by joining us. We have a great cycling jersey too!”