Tori  Ratcliffe

Tori Ratcliffe

Tori is an Edinburgh based artist, born and bred in Hampshire. She was first introduced to watercolours by her aunt when she was 21, but was too impatient for the traditional method of painting so she developed her own unique style; applying the paint first in a loose expressive manner and then drawing the fine details afterwards in pen.

This lively painting style enables Tori to express the life and vitality of her chosen subject, with the pen strokes working to contradict the chaos of the paint, anchoring the piece together.

The inspiration for Tori's style of artwork has many sources. A love of fashion illustration introduced her to the idea of combining pen and wash, whilst an interest in the works of artists such as Jackson Pollock and Ralph Steadman helped Tori to embrace the art of the paint splat. 

Today, in between the painting, Tori spends her time concocting ways that her artwork can benefit wildlife and conservation charities, as having lost 50% of our planet’s wildlife in just 40 years, Tori believes it’s imperative that we act now to protect what’s left. Tori is very proud to have donated over £13,500 to various conservation charities, including Helping Rhinos since 2014.

After all, she says it’s only fair that the animals she paints get something back.

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