We choose our projects very carefully, and work with people on the ground we trust.  We believe that our projects deliver tangible results in protecting the world's remaining rhinos and start to see rhino populations once again start to increase.



Black Mambas - South Africa

The Black Mambas are South Africa's first all female anti-poaching unit.  Based at the Balule Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger Park, this team of 26 women have seen exceptional results since being formed in 2014. Rhino poaching has reduced, as has all forms of poaching, such as bushmeat poaching. 


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Ol Pejeta Conservancy - Kenya

Ol Pejeta is East Africa's largest black rhino sanctuary as well as being home to the last three northern white rhinos on the planet.  We are delighted to have partnered with Ol Pejeta to bring an exclusive opportunity to adopt one of these three northern white rhinos.   


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Wildlife Conservation Sites - Africa

Population growth in Africa is threatening wildlife habitat and increasing human wildlife conflict. The consequence of losing wildlife habitat will have a profound impact on the future for large mammals and predators. Help us create eternally sustainable environments for endangered wildlife by investing in our special Wildlife Conservation Sites.  Every hectare that you help us secure is creating a future for rhino, elephant, lion, and other endangered wildlife species.  

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