Help the Chubby Unicorns Merchandise Available!

Wednesday 02 August 2017

Everyone who cares at all about nature agrees that we need to do all we can to conserve rhinos – indeed, it is the mission of Helping Rhinos!

To get a bit whimsical about this need, we are celebrating rhinos with the launch of our new clothing and band lines titled Help the Chubby Unicorns! Go to to see more of the merchandise than is shown here! 

This connection, of course, is not unfounded in science and history. Did you know that rhinos likely were one of the inspirations for the idea of the Unicorn!? The name unicorn is Latin for single horn, just like two rhino species that exist today – the Greater One-Horned and Javan rhinos.

One of the earliest descriptions of unicorns was in central Asia, where at one time a single horned rhino ancestor lived that was called Elasmotherium. This species looked like a very large, thick-bodied unicorn. It became extinct after the last Ice Age, but the story lived on in legends across Asia and Europe.

In fact, Marco Polo reported that he had seen a unicorn during his travels through the Indonesian island of Java, but it was, in fact, a male Javan rhino with its single horn!

This connection between rhinos and unicorns lives on scientifically as well in that the scientific name for the Greater One-Horned rhino (or Indian rhino) is Rhinoceros unicornis!

So, while you are pondering this combination of whimsy, science, history, and lore – why not visit our shop, pick up a few shirts or 1” wristbands, and support Helping Rhinos while doing so?!

Thanks to Steven of The 3Ten and to Kara of for helping to subsidize and support Helping Rhinos in the creation and sale of these products!