Simon Jones
 – Founder and CEO

Simon has spent time on conservation projects in Africa, working specifically on rhino conservation.  In 2012 Simon felt his perfect blend of experience in both the charity and business sectors, combined with an unwavering passion for wildlife conservation, and in particular the rhino could be used to greater effect.  

Simon founded Helping Rhinos and has lead the organisation in its growth, achieving success in terms of brand awareness, creating partnerships and increasing revenue year on year, all allowing the organisation to achieve tangible results in its goal of conserving the rhino for future generations.


Jill Inglis - Fundraising Director

Jill has been a fundraising professional for nearly twenty years and has an impressive track record in developing strategic partnerships for conservation organisations having previously worked at the National Trust, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and Care for the Wild International. Jill has first-hand experience of wildlife conservation issues, having spent time with, and provided invaluable support to rhino and elephant conservation NGOs in Namibia, Zambia, Uganda and South Africa.

Jill joined Helping Rhinos in June 2015 and has been developing our fundraising and communications initiatives as well as growing our social media Followers. Our Protection in Perpetuity project is also the brainchild of Jill.

Hazel Hoole
 - Business Development

Having grown up on a farm in South Africa and worked at Kariega Game Reserve as a student, Hazel’s passion to protect South Africa’s Heritage is inbuilt. Stirred by the gruelling 2012 Kariega Game Reserve rhino poachings, Hazel launched Rooting for Rhino UK which merged with Helping Rhinos at the end of 2015. 

Hazel brings a broad range of skills and contacts to her Business Development role and is always on the look out for opportunities to encourage rhino conservation in the UK.

The 2015 South African Chamber of Commerce UK Business Awards, saw Hazel being nominated for the “Giving Back Award” on behalf of the Rooting for Rhino team. 


Phil Brooks - Events Promotion 

Phil lives in Kent in the UK and, along with his partner Tina, is responsible for all things merchandise. Phil and Tina attend all of the Helping Rhinos events and set up and run our stand – often supported by their children Aislin and Rachel.

Phil will often take time off work to travel the length of the country to make sure he can support our events. More recently, you may also find Phil inside our rhino costume, entertaining children and adults alike.

In addition, Phil is a very talented poet, and if you keep an eye on our Facebook page you will often find a poem about rhinos that Phil has penned.

Claire Hiles
– Operations Manager

Claire has always had a passion for animals and safari holidays to Kenya’s national reserves sparked a love for Africa and wildlife conservation.  In 2011, Claire travelled to South Africa and took part in a rhino relocation and was so captivated by the rhino that she returned to South Africa 3 months later to see how the he had settled in. Claire joined the team in 2013 and is delighted to manage our social media each day and to take care of our general operations.


Tracey Taylor - Education Officer

Tracey has had a lifelong interest in wildlife, and after a visit to Kariega Reserve in South Africa, where she heard the tragic tale of Thandi and Themba, she was moved to try and find a way to actively help with the plight of the rhinos. She was a primary school teacher and tutor, and believes that spreading awareness through educational initiatives will play a huge role in saving rhinos from extinction.  

Tracey lives in Oxfordshire with her family (and rather dopey black Labrador), and works as a proof reader and community centre assistant.