Phil is an English commentator and journalist who covers professional cycling.Affectionately known as ‘the voice of cycling’, Phil currently commentates on professional bike races all over the world, including the Tour de France bike races for ITV in the UK, NBC Sports in the USA and SBS in Australia.

Phil is very passionate about wildlife and saving the many numbers of endangered species.

Phil, with his wife Trish, owns a property on a wildlife reserve close to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, so he is very aware of the current issues threatening the rhino with extinction.

We are delighted to welcome Phil to the Helping Rhinos team and are sure that he will help us to spread awareness and raise the necessary resources that will make a real difference in the fight against the poachers.




A world without Rhino's in the wild disconnects us so palpably with our planet's evolution it is unthinkable. For a wonderful creature that survived for thousands of years, shrugging off all that the universe could throw at it, to be wiped out by a poacher's bullet would condemn us to the darkest place for all infinity. It would be incomprehensible.

I give my heartfelt thanks to all those brave rangers in the field and organisations like Helping Rhinos fighting to save the Rhino in the wild.








David is a professional Australian rules footballer, currently playing for the Essendon Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). He has played 147 games and kicked 101 goals. 

David was drafted by Essendon with pick 23 in the 2008 AFL National Draft, he wears the number 11 guernsey. He made his debut in Round 2, 2009 against Fremantle, and earned a Rising star nomination on debut. In Round 5, against Collingwood, he kicked the match winning goal during the final seconds of the Anzac Day Match.
During 2011, he had his best season at Essendon, winning the W.S. Crichton Medal which is award to the clubs Best and Fairest player.

In Round 5, 2013, he won the Anzac Day medal for best afield where he recored 34-disposals and kicked 4 goals.

David is extremely passionate about wildlife and in particular saving endangered wildlife from the many challenges they face, day to day. His love of the rhino started at a very young age and he wants to be able to contribute to the cause of helping save these beautiful animals. 




Jinder was a colleague of our former Patron, the late His Honour Judge Sir Gavyn Arthur. 

Jinder is an experienced British Crown Court Judge with expert knowledge of legal systems around the world. 

Jinder is passionate about animal welfare. His interest in wildlife began as a child, when he enjoyed regular visits to remote parts of Africa and Asia.

After spending nearly 30 years practising in English and international law, and working as a volunteer in the charitable sector, Jinder became a Patron of Helping Rhinos in 2017.





Paul Sherwen, together with Phil Liggett, the first Honorary Patron of Helping Rhinos, have become known as “the voices of cycling”, at the Tour de France as well as many other global races.   
Paul grew up in Uganda, at a time when the Northern White Rhino still roamed freely on the open plains.  Paul cares deeply about helping the people, fauna and flora of Africa where he can, in part through his position as an advisor to, and immediate former Chairman of the Uganda Conservation Foundation. 
Having lived in the wilds of this part of Africa has made Paul realise how important it is to save as much as we can for the next generation. Rhinos and their own natural environment, in particular, are severely endangered on African continent and desperately need help and protection.  
In his youth, Paul spent a great deal of time in Karamoja, in the north-eastern part of Uganda, so helping this region to survive and indeed prosper is very important to him.  “I am therefore both pleased and honoured to accept the position of Patron with the Helping Rhinos organisation” says Paul.





Nairobi-based artist Karen Laurence-Rowe grew up in East Africa where the  countryside outside the cities was teaming with wildlife and the landscape virtually unspoiled by signs of humanity. With her father a civil engineer, her early days were spent living an almost nomadic life as her family moved from one camp to another – sometimes deep in the African bush and miles from the nearest town. 

As a form of entertainment – she and her brother would draw – and with so many of Africa’s creatures roaming around the perimeter fences – the roots of her passion for wildlife art took hold.

Now as an established wildlife artist with the prestigious 2012 David Shepherd ‘Wildlife of the Artist of the year’ and the 2015 'Simon Combes Conservation Artist of the year' under her belt, she uses her art to create awareness to the plight of our wildlife today, and at the same time, helps raise much needed funds.

“The passion I have for my subject matter seems to grow with each painting. It terrifies me that as fast as I can paint the beautiful beasts and vistas of this continent, they are as quickly disappearing to the pressures of humanity and poaching.   I feel the need to record it in paint before it is lost to us forever! ” 



It is with great sadness that we reflect here the sudden and unexpected passing of our Patron Sir Gavyn Arthur on the 16th May 2016.

Sir Gavyn spent many a happy day as a young boy on Umfolozi Game Reserve watching the work of Dr Ian Player as he executed Operation Rhino, an initiative that effectively saved the white rhino from extinction.  Still with family located in South Africa, Sit Gavyn made an annulal pilgramage back to the land he grew up in.

It was this deep rooted passion for African wildlife and in particular the rhino that made him such a valued member of the Helping Rhinos family.

We shall miss him dearly, but through our memoriam fund we hope to leave a legacy in Sir Gavyn's name that we hope he would have enjoyed and be proud of - 'The Sir Gavyn Arthur Boma' at the Fundimvelo Thula Thula Rhino Rhino Orphanage in KwaZulu-Natal.