Wild World of Rhinos - A Night to Remember


On Thursday 23rd March, Helping Rhinos and Ol Pejeta Conservancy hosted an evening of inspirational talks and a fundraising auction that will live long in the memory.  Thanks to the generosity of everyone who attended an incredible £55,000 was raised. These funds will make a real difference to the protection and growth of one of the most important rhino populations in East Africa.

Our 350 plus guests enjoyed a drinks reception at London's Royal Institution of Great Britain ahead of the main event - an opportunity to chat to like minded people and to enjoy the many exhibits on display, including artwork, jewellery, books, tableware plus much more.

It was soon time for everyone to enter the main theatre to enjoy the evenings talks and presentations (watch the talks in full at the bottom of this page). Our guests were welcomed by Phil Liggett MBE via video (he is with the rhinos in Africa), before Helping Rhinos CEO Simon Jones kicked off proceedings giving some background to the rhino crisis and details of how Helping Rhinos is working to reduce the level of poaching.  Simon was followed by Richard Vigne, CEO of Ol Pejeta Conservancy who spoke about the success of the conservancy's black rhino breeding programme and their work with the northern white rhinos, a sub species that now number just three in the world.

Wildlife TV Presenter Giles Clark (Ingenious Animals, Tiger About the House) then described how is decade long relationship with Ol Pejeta has proved an inspiration in his own conservation work and explained how the planet is losing species of fauna and flora to extinction at a faster rate than that of the dinosaurs.  

Closing the talks was the well known face of Simon King OBE (Big Cat Diary, Spring Watch). Simon also spoke about his time at Ol Pejeta, raising and releasing back to the wild Toki the cheetah. Simon also spoke about how every one of us can make a difference in conserving the planet and the many species (including humans) that call it home.

It was a series of talks that had the audience enthralled and inspired to make a difference. Just in time for our exclusive auction, including an all expenses paid safari to Ol Pejeta, Signed memorabilia from Chris Froome and Sir David Attenborough, amazing brooch and bronze from Camilla le May and an original artwork by Karen Laurence-Rowe - The Last Three. Hosted by TV's Jonty Hearnden, the auction was enjoyed by all. Karen's painting in particular had our guests on the edge of their seats as the bidding rose to an amazing £19,000.  Thank you to everyone who bid in the auction and to all those who donated items to be sold.

Below are some pictures from the evening, and STAY TUNED to this page for the soon to be released film of the evening.

THANK YOU to our sponsors, supporters and everyone who came along to Wild World of Rhinos for playing your part in  protecting the iconic animal that is the rhino.

You can read some idependant reviews of the event from from some of our supporters who attended here:

Ellen Taylor     Amy Shaw



Sculpting for Rhinos!

Sculptor Camilla le May has been sculpting portraits of individual rhinos in Kenya since 2013, specifically to raise funds for their security and welfare. She is offering 35-60% of profits, after cast costs, to Helping Rhinos, of any further sales from her full portfolio, running through until Easter.

View Camilla's Work You can also read Camilla's blog for the story behind the Sudan sculpture, which was created from life over 4 months on the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in 2015. The sculpture is part of a bigger project to create a life size Sudan. We are sure you will have seen the 1/3 size clay model in progress at the Wild World of Rhinos event (pictured).

Creating Sudan in Bronze

For more information and to enquire about purchasing any of Camilla’s work, please contact Simon Jones ([email protected]) before 14th April.

The Last Three

There are just a few signed limited edition prints of 'The Last Three' by Karen laurence Rowe available for sale at £230.  The print dimensions are 650mm x 400mm.

Please contact Simon Jones ([email protected]) if you would like to purchase one of these exclusive prints.




Watch the evening's talks in full at the bottom of this page

Huge thanks to Rupert Rivett for donating his time and the official photographs from the evening.