A world without Rhino's in the wild disconnects us so palpably with our planet's evolution it is unthinkable. For a wonderful creature that survived for thousands of years, shrugging off all that the universe could throw at it, to be wiped out by a poacher's bullet would condemn us to the darkest place for all infinity. It would be incomprehensible.

I give my heartfelt thanks to all those brave rangers in the field and organisations like Helping Rhinos fighting to save the Rhino in the wild.






Helping Rhinos is a dynamic young organisation tand I am proud to support them.
The small team at the UK registered charity are working incredibly hard to raise international awareness and funds to help stop the shocking poaching crisis we find ourselves in.
In order to achieve this Helping Rhinos work with a number of different organisations around the world to both protect the rhinos and to stop the demand for rhino horn.
Rhinos believe that by working together we can overcome this crisis and make sure that future generations can enjoy seeing rhinos roam our planet as they have done for millions of years.

Please join me in supporting Helping Rhinos


Bob Willis

During my career as an international cricketer and now a broadcaster, I have had the privilege to travel the world and enjoy the many different cultures our planet has to offer. I have also had the opportunity to witness some of the world's most amazing wildlife.
It was with great concern that I learnt of the current plight of the iconic rhinoceros, which thanks to it being poached for it's horn, is facing the threat of extinction in the wild.
The work of Helping Rhinos is very important to the survival of the rhino and I would urge you to join me in supporting them however you are able to do so.




There have been some very dark clouds hanging over rhinos, but I sense the ‘wind of change’ and I do believe the outlook and forecast for their survival is much brighter. I am honoured to join Helping Rhinos and support their vital work. They bring hope, a ray of sunshine and the road ahead looks much brighter as a result.







I have had the privilege to film alongside Helping Rhinos. They are a wonderful, driven organisation working against the clock to prevent the loss and possible extinction of a most iconic species.

By working alongside communities, ranger programmes and through schools, their work is invaluable in the fight to save the rhino.

We are running out of time to save these beautiful and sometimes misunderstood animals. Please support Helping Rhinos in the work that they do so that we can all join together in this fight which we want to end sooner, rather than too late…