'Kifaru' Exclusive London Movie Screening




Including a meet and greet reception with the film Director and member of the northern white ranger team.


Wednesday 2nd OCtober
Curzon Cinema, Soho

With the northern white rhino species on the brink of extinction, two ranger recruits are mentored by a seasoned ranger with an unorthodox approach to caring for the last northern white rhino male - "Sudan."

Spanning over the course of the recruits' first four years on the job, KIFARU allows viewers to experience the joys and pitfalls of conservation firsthand through the lens of the men that look into the eyes of extinction on a daily basis. Journeying beyond the global headlines that have accumulated around Sudan's life and explores the painful emptiness of extinction.

Teetering on borrowed time and with his health in decline, Sudan's looming death hangs over the heads of the caretakers' lives. Their only hope to save the species that they love and the means for their mutual survival is a last resort IVF programme.


Great stories always contain universal truths, which often serve as the north star for future decisions. While striving to expose these truths, I've always been interested in telling stories that transcend cultural barriers and invoke empathy that all corners of humanity can identify with. To me, that's where stories become alive and felt.

Four years have passed and so much has unfolded while following these three rhino caretakers but my greatest achievement is to have been granted exclusive access to this story through the personal lives of these men. Ol Pejeta Conservancy saw how passionately and carefully we were attempting to tell their story and how I wanted to build a foundation of trust over the course of years rather just a newsworthy headline. I wanted to stick with these Kenyan men through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and not only be a friend but a vessel to tell their story. Ultimately, I want KIFARU to humanize what extinction feels like.

We are telling a human story, that consequently effects humans for generations to come. That can only be done by taking a real-time journey alongside these three dynamic characters whose lives find purpose through fighting against what seems to be the inevitable. We believe the greatest weapon these caretakers have in this fight for an entire species are their stories. I believe viewers will finally get to feel extinction for the first time - and hopefully the last. - David Hambridge





James made his way to Ol Pejeta Conservancy out of an abiding love for animals and a concern for their welfare. James, along with JoJo, is the youngest member of Ol Pejeta's rhino unit tasked with providing round-the-clock care and protection for the last three Northern Whites in existence. Viewers are told this story through the eyes and thoughts of James.


JoJo is an expecting first-time father and James' closest friend. When the viewer is first introduced to JoJo, they meet a very unassuming young man searching for a method to provide his soon-to-be child with a better life than what he had. But it does not take much time for JoJo to learn the heartbreaks that come with the territory of his new career in conservation.



Jacob is the oldest member of the rhino unit and takes a mentoring role over James and JoJo. Working in the African bush for nearly as long as James & JoJo have been alive, Jacob has learned how to balance his most idealistic thoughts with the harsh realities of the job.


The primary purpose of this exclusive movie screening is to raise awareness and inspire public support for conservation and demonstrate how we can all play a part in preventing extinction of species all over the world. At the same time, we hope to raise critical donations for ranger welfare on Ol Pejeta Conservancy.


The evening will start at 6:00pm with a meet and greet reception (a cash bar will be available to all meet and greet guests). Members of the northern white rhino ranger team will be present as well as the film director, David Hambridge. After the movie screening, which is 85 minutes long, we will have a Q&A with the rangers and the film director. There will then be an additional opportunity to mingle and meet the team.

We will be inviting members of the press, dignitaries and Helping Rhinos and Ol Pejeta supporters.


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