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Tori Ratcliffe

Tori is an Edinburgh based artist, born and bred in Hampshire. She was first introduced to watercolours by her aunt when she was 21, but was too impatient for the traditional method of painting so she developed her own unique style; applying the paint first in a loose expressive manner and then drawing the fine details afterwards in pen. This lively painting style enables Tori to express the life and vitality of her chosen subject, with the pen strokes working to contradict the chaos of the paint, anchoring the piece together.

Aside from the painting, Tori's other passion lies with the natural world.  Tori states "Having lost 50% of our planet’s wildlife in just 40 years, it’s absolutely vital that we protect what’s left. Because of this, I am constantly trying to find new ways to utilise my artwork to raise both money and awareness for various wildlife and environmental conservation charities".  We are thrilled that Tori has chosen Helping Rhinos as one of her chosen charities.

Upon learning of the perilious future the rhino faces, Tori began a year long project with the us at Helping Rhinos, creating one large A2 painting a month with all profits being donated. The project culminated with an exhibition at Cornflake in London. So far Tori has managed to raise nearly £2,550 for us through sales of her exclusive Helping Rhinos range.  

Click here to view the entire Tori Ratcliffe Helping Rhinos Range and to purchase Tori's work.




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Julie Anne Bull

Julie Ann Bull is a Kent (UK) based artist specializing in animal portraiture and is passionate about wildlife. She has worked to commission for over thirty years both locally and internationally turning full time professional in 2013. In the past she has exhibited work at Port Lympne (The Aspinall Foundation) and with MIWAS at Rooksbury Park and has also had work selected to hang in both the Mall galleries and The Sally Mitchell museum of the Horse with SEAS. She works mainly either in Oils or Graphite & Ink.

On supporting Helping Rhinos, Julie Ann commented: "The Rhino is in desperate need of help before it is lost forever and we all have a duty to give something back now and help to end the brutal slaughter of these spectacular animals. I am proud to support Helping Rhinos in the necessary work that they do."

Julie Ann has very kindly donated the three pieces of work below to us, withh 100% of the proceeds being donated to Helping Rhinos.  Each original piece of work will come mounted & wrapped, ready to frame.

For more information about these pieces of work, please send us an emai to



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Trish Liggett

Through her photography Trish aims to connect the viewer with a scene or a particular creature she has been lucky enough to experience first hand; to bring out the personality of animals that live in wild areas. Cycling has taken Phil, (Patron of HR) and Trish (Trustee) to many parts of the world.

When Africa takes a hold it does not let go, and hence Trish and Phil have a small property in the South African bush on a Game Reserve. Trish spends several months per year living there - her camera constantly by her side.

Trish has held exhibitions and presentations in UK, Australia, and South Africa and is internationally published. Profits from Trish's photography is donated to Helping Rhinos.

Commenting on why she wants to help, Trish says: "Wildlife is innocent, often the victim of encroachment, greed, vicious and horrendous cruelty, administered primarily by humans. I want to do everything I can to arrest the decline of animals in the wild along with the wild places that they inhabit. This gives me purpose to each and every photo I take".

For more information about Trish's work, and for details of how to order a print, please email Trish at



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Tom Middleton

Originally from Lancaster, Tom is an artist who has relocated to London. Over the past three years Tom has been producing artwork based around African Wildlife. He chose to donate a percentage of profits to organisations fighting poaching and canned hunting, which has led to working with some wonderful and influential people.

Tom's background as an artist has always been self taught. His father is a retired Technical Illustrator for BAE Systems, producing works on a range of subjects from nuclear submarines to military aircraft. Tom tries to produce pieces based around wildlife with the same kind of precision as his work, but more importantly trying to capture the life and ‘personality’ of the animal down on the paper. Tom says: "I find people enjoy wildlife art when they feel they can connect with the animal, I try to achieve this by capturing the life and soul of that animal".

On his decision to support Helping Rhinos, Tom commented: "The rhino is such a majestic, iconic and beautiful creature the threat of extinction is both unjustified and inhumane. The thought that such a magnificent animal may no longer roam the earth because of greed and misinformation is unbearable. I am proud to fight against rhino poaching, raising funds and awareness wherever and however possible".

All Tom's work is produced using graphite pencil on heavy cartridge paper at 200gsm.

Prints are of a limited run of 100, printed on high quality Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper and are hand signed by himself.

Tom's generously donates 10% from all print sales to Helping Rhinos

For a full range of Tom's work, please visit his website: and Instagram @tommiddletonart




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Lucy Swinburne

I have loved drawing animals from a young age and am truly inspired by wildlife and animals in their natural habitat.
I trained as a Graphic Designer and spent many enjoyable years in the print industry. Since 2001 I have been completing animal commissions for clients and producing paintings for exhibitions or just for fun.
Over the years I have exhibited at the Mall Galleries, taught art workshops, written many articles for the Leisure Painter Magazine and have published two instructional drawing books called “Drawing Masterclass – Animals” and “Drawing Masterclass – Clothed People”, both published by Search Press Ltd.

Every creature has a right to live on this planet. Rhinos are majestic and stoic icons and their persecution is something we should all be up in arms about. The realisation that these stunning animals will soon only exist in private collections is truly heart breaking - this is my reason for joining the fight…

For a full range of Lucy's work, please visit



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