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Art and Craft communities supporting the rhino cause

Award winning artists with a passion to protect endangered species

You can support us by purchasing some art - you help protect rhinos and receive some amazing art to hang on your wall!


The artists represented on this page are dedicated people.

They all want to help us protect the world’s remaining rhino populations (along with other threatened species) from extinction. All artists featured on our page will generously donate a percentage of each sale of selected artwork to our cause.

Art offers a wonderful opportunity to engage people – interpretation of the word art means many things to many people and reactions to any piece of art will be many and varied. Art aims to stimulate, occasionally shock, but above all to draw in the viewer, it aims to create a reaction, sometimes deep, sometimes superficial, but certainly it should instigate a reaction – good bad or indifferent!

Our artists have been invited to join our page because we love their art, and they share our appreciation of the urgent need to do something to protect and save a species that is being persecuted for many reasons. We welcome their help and are proud to have them working alongside us.

We hope that everyone who has been attracted to this page will, when viewing, at least feel something, inspiration perhaps, maybe a particular picture exudes such personality or it conveys a feeling of needing our help, extinction is not a pleasant thought. By purchasing a piece of art, not only will you have something beautiful to enjoy, you will also be playing your part and contributing to Helping Rhinos and their projects.

Enjoy browsing.

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